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So, … there’s a guy on MySpace with a GREAT collection of barefoot asian women.

I decided to share some with you all here 😉 enjoy!

I figured… while you’re waiting for the new updates these sexy pics can hold you over; Be sure to let Mr. Toe-tally Addicted know you enjoyed the photos…

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13 Responses to “Because I Love Asian Feet. ”

Awesome! I love Asian barefoot girls…their feet are usually well formed and small unlike the white chicks I’ve dated…delicious to eat too

Wow Great pictures, i love asian feet. Especially when they are showing their soles fom different angles.please share more, thanks

Yes, i love asian feet too. Lovel size 5’s and soft and well cared for..I do semi-pro photography as you do, and im back in Thailand in Oct. I go closer in than you, as to get lovely detail..Having done many trips over there, and now possessing a digs over there, i look forward to shooting more beautiful Thai feet..

Hey Bill, feel free to share some photos of what you’ve done with us – We LOVE thai girls feet; and we Really Love Up Close photos too.

Hope to see some posted here soon!

Hi Bill you lucky dog. I absolutely love asian womens feet and have to Thailand and Pattaya many times. I LOVE Thai feet. They’re the best! Wish I could take a trip with you. My favorite hangout is Soi Cowboy at 5star. Share some pics or let us know if you have a site. Thanks
James from San Francisco